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Services we offer to our foster parents

Ultimately, everything we do is designed to serve at-risk families and children; foster parent mentors play a crucial role in this task. They are a catalyst in our mission and a valuable part of the treatment team. We treat our foster parents like the true agents of change they are. Our job is to “wash their feet” and provide them with the tools and support necessary to make a difference.

Comprehensive Clinical Training
Each foster family is taken through the nationally recognized PRIDE mutual assessment process for up to 30 hours of clinical, behavioral and psychological training. This powerful training program enables parents to properly manage children’s behavior. Many foster parents say this training has become invaluable in every aspect of their own lives and relationships.

24 hr Support Team & Crisis Intervention
Foster parents have ‘round-the-clock’ access to our highly qualified treatment team. We are available to counsel you on daily issues in working with the youth and we can be called into action for more serious issues. Our support team is always a phone call away and eager to serve you.

Competitive Financial Reimbursement
We believe that great responsibility comes with authority and Heritage for Kids strives diligently to be a good steward of resources. Therefore, we ensure every foster family is provided with sufficient funds for the children in their care.

Therapy & Counseling for Youth and Families
As just one of the professional support services we provide, counseling services are available for the child and his/her family. Moreover, we provide these services to foster parents who may desire a professional to listen and counsel with them.

Medical, Dental & Mental Health Services
In addition to the per diem reimbursement, foster parents are free from worrying about healthcare services and medications. Heritage for Kids facilitates the payment of all medical bills incurred by children in care.

To provide a break from the life of foster care, we offer respite for all foster parents on a regular basis.

Referring Agencies

Family Group Decision Making
Supported by experienced professionals and effective resources, we employ the Family Group Decision Making process to encourage all involved parties to craft a plan to meet both the child’s and family’s needs. We believe this is the best way to achieve an opportunity for permanency with the family.

Periodic Planning and Progress Reporting
Heritage For Kids conducts a thorough assessment of children at intake and develops a plan of service for each child that is reviewed and revised quarterly by the entire treatment team, including the child, foster parent(s), referring agency and treatment staff of Heritage For Kids.

Achievement and Reporting of Permanency Outcomes
To monitor and improve the quality of services, Heritage For Kids tracks and reports the outcomes from the goals set in the plans of service.

What to Expect with a Heritage for Kids Placement
Heritage for Kids strives to do as much as possible to lighten the burden of the placing agency. Therefore, we will be flexible and accommodating so long as the quality of the services is not compromised. Our staff will arrange meetings, provide transportation, provide unscheduled reports and services, and attend planning meetings, etc. over and above the basic offering of child-placing services. The staff of Heritage for Kids will perform duties professionally and competently, as scheduled, and with integrity.

We solicit feedback with regard to performance. Please notify the Executive Director immediately with complaints (or compliments).