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General Requirements

The general requirements to become a foster parent are as follows:

• Responsible, Healthy Adult (21 yrs old)
• Stable Income
• Reliable Transportation
• Married or Single, not Separated
• Home Study Conducted by HFK
• Child Abuse and Criminal Clearances
• 30 hrs of Training - Provided by HFK
• If Divorced, must be Divorced for 6
• Home must pass a Fire/Health

Download a Foster Parent Application below.

So you’re interested...

Perhaps you hadn’t thought of fostering before, but we want you to know that virtually anyone can make a lasting impact on a child’s future while, at the same time, finding new personal fulfillment in your life.

Why do people decide to be foster parents? Making an impact in the life of a child is by far the most common motivator, but we see folks from all walks of life getting involved for many reasons. Whether you want to complete your family, mentor, work from home, or enrich your spiritual life, foster care will greatly benefit you as well as the child you have in your home.

You have questions, we have answers

What are the basic requirements for foster parents?
You must be 21 years old, but you can be single or married. You don’t have to own your home, and you don’t have to make a lot of money. See a list of requirements here.

Can I choose the child I want?
Yes. You can specify age, race and sex of the child you prefer and are entitled to review the child’s history. You do not have to take a child you don’t believe is the right match.

Do foster-adopt parents receive financial reimbursement?
Yes. Parents receive a set monthly reimbursement based on the child’s needs. These funds are to assist in child-care related costs such as food, clothing, transportation, and supervision. In addition, each child has medical and dental coverage.

What kind of support can I expect?
Heritage For Kids provides respite, ongoing training, special events, therapy, counseling, crisis intervention 24 hours per day, and many other daily support services for foster parents.

How long does it take to become a foster-adopt parent?
It can take as little as two months (typically three months) to be licensed, but your preferences of placement help determine how long it takes to receive a child in your home.

Why do we need special training?
Fostering/mentoring a child is not the same as parenting a child born to you. Over time, you may need to talk with that child about the birth family, or help the child manage feelings about being in foster care or being adopted. The training and support we provide will help you and the children make the placement successful.

Can I help without being a parent?
Yes. There are many opportunities to volunteer and you can give money, goods, professional services or household items.